"Tarell delivered an excellent presentation about the importance of Fatherhood. He was able to connect with his audience by drawing upon his personal and professional experience. Tarell received good reviews. In fact several individuals expressed that they would like to see Tarell return to deliver another presentation soon."

~S. Clincy, Health Department

"Mr. Earl speaks real life situations so the teens can better themselves. He is very funny and interesting to listen to."

~N. Cole, Mental Health Tech

"Mr. Earl does an amazing job engaging the male teens. He comes well prepared and shows respect to each student. I look forward to having him back."

~S. Mulvaney. Site Coordinator

"The message that Mr. Earl presents is not only captivating it's filled with golden nuggets of life long knowledge. I encourage anyone in the capacity of needing a speaker for young men to employ Mr. Earl."

~C. Rowland, Community In Schools

"Mr. Earl has made a fine contribution to the growth and development of each boy in my class. His efforts have helped each of them become more successful."

~C. Brown, Educator/ Teacher

"Mr. Earl is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The kids look forward to his motivational speeches."

~T. Gatanis, Parkside Tech.

"This was a great move, not only for the kids, but myself as well. Mr. Earl always made the kids laugh and feel good, they haven't had enough of that in their lives."

~N. Smith, Parkside Tech.

"Well informed and interesting. Had the kids attention from day one. Did a great job."

~R. Harris, Supervisior