Speaking For A Purpose

"I don't just speak for a living, I speak for a purpose"~Tarell Earl

“Speaking for a Purpose Youth Empowerment Tour” was created due to the steady dropout rate, the increasing number of single-parent homes, absentee fathers, and the lack of future awareness and preparation. This tour focuses on student’s everyday life and life after high school. Mr. Earl helps equip students by giving them a better understanding of seeing the importance of staying in school, furthering their education and listening to their parents attentively.

Topics Include:

Character Development

The Importance of Education

Follow the Rules

Failure is not an Option


Scholarship Fund Raising Goals

 "I Don't just speak for a living, I speak for a purpose." Tarell Earl

 The “Speaking for a Purpose Youth Empowerment Tour” also raise funds for the “Brendan Earl Project" Scholarship Fund. Tarell's goal is to reach at least 20 schools this 2017-2018 school year.

This motivational speaking tour is for middle and high schools. The tour is a 45 to a 60-minute assembly that consists of powerful messages and tips on life skills. As he demonstrates life skill illustrations through visualization using audience participation, it will make for an entertaining event.

Far too many students are not receiving an education that adequately prepares them for life after high school, especially at-risk, low income, special needs and minority students. This is an epidemic that needs immediate attention.

Mr. Earl knows that due to budget cuts, scheduling a speaker may be difficult or not in your budget. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. He has been blessed with a GOD Given Strategy to ensure that the speaking engagement will carry on without any charge to the school.


1) Scholarship eligibility for your students (seniors). (terms and conditions apply).
2) Mr. Earl gives 10% (tithe) of all school speaking engagements to the “Brendan Earl Project" Scholarship Fund.
3) Rewards for your referrals.
4) Waived travel and lodging (terms and conditions apply).
5) Multiple payment options.


“It’s not just the message, but the illustrations are so ingraining that students will remember under peer pressure.“