Pursuit Of Prosperity Strategies (POPS)

What is the POPS Program? The POPS Program is a program developed and tailored specifically for the males. It is the "Pursuit Of Prosperity Strategies," where we pursue to prosper in the area of education, careers, finances, relationships, health, and life skills, with a written plan. This is not your ordinary mentoring program. This program is a step by step strategy that combines life skills development, career planning, and moral training.

This makes up the basic foundation of knowledge, transitioning male tweens, to teens, into young adults. Using the, "It takes A Village To Raise A Child Method," along with the, "3 Vision System," students are given the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and their families. 

POPS In-School Program

The POPS In-School Program was introduced to the public school system due to the lack of a positive professional male presence and budget cuts of activities. The POPS Program has become a requested program among middle schools, high schools, and organizations. The POPS Program provides the voice, appearence, and support that many young men are missing in the schools and in the homes. Tarell Earl has become that role model that young men long to have in thier lives. Through his persistence and not giving up on students, he has given these young men hope in believing that  they can achieve more.

The program is taught in two semesters, semester 1, October to December, and semester 2, January to end of april. The class is taught weekly for one class period, or however agreed upon between school and program. Each school's request may vary depending upon the needs of that particular school. Each class may vary in size ranging from 5 students, up towards 20+ students. The program is usually taught in class rooms, conference rooms, day rooms, auditoriums, or available room provided by the school that can hold the capacity of students.

Students who are referred to the program are typically at risk students, but not restricted to. Topics for the in-school program are chosen specifically for the school and student's educational success.

No Juvenile Left Behind

In late Fall of 2016, the POPS Program began working as a youth advocate for youths with offenses in the juvenile probation and court system. Many of the youths that Tarell were representing was going to court without support from their families, or going to court afraid of not knowing what will happen to them, Mr. Earl provided that support. By showing up on behalf of the these young men Tarell befriended the judges, probation officers, and court appointed attorneys. Now when there is an at-risk youth in the courts, the probation officers and judges call upon Mr.Earl and the POPS Program for assistance.