The Birth of POPS (Pursuit Of Prosperity Strategies)

In 2016, Tarell Earl established POPS INC., a non-profit corporation that focuses on the upbringing, development, education, life skills, and empowerment of our youth. Tarell's logic is to try to reach as many youths as possible in as many forms as he can. These are through youth speaking events, mentoring, video blogs, video talk shows, and scholarship fundraisers.

The POPS Program was started in 2003 under the name My Brother's Keeper Mentoring Program. Tarell started the program for his son Brendan Earl. He didn't want his son to make all of the same mistakes in life that he had made, so he began journaling and researching topics on life skills for his son. His reasoning was if anything were to happen to him, all his son had to do was read the journal. The more time he would spend with his son, the more he saw other youth not receiving the same knowledge. Tarell began to share his knowledge with other organizations, thus the youth empowerment speaker was born.

Father Figure 

In 2010, Tarell changed the name from My Brother's Keeper Mentoring Program to POPS (Pursuit Of Prosperity Strategies), a life skills mentoring program for male teens. He noticed that due to a large population of single mothers, their sons didn't need another big brother, they needed a father figure.


Today, Tarell Earl partners with numerous organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, The Health Department, Communities In Schools, and the McLain Young Men of Challenge.

Tarell says, "he's on assignment in reaching this young generation." Matthew 9:37 says, "the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Tarell says, "there's too much nonsense, and not enough make sense in the world today."

You can see Tarell Earl in video blogs and video interviews, where he continues to create opportunities to help empower our youth.